Aurelio F. Grillo Library

FAQ (Internal Users Only)

Who has access to the Library?
The Library is open to current:
• GSSI Faculty, Researchers, Postdocs and Students
• GSSI Staff
• Authorized GSSI users

Where is the Library located?
The Library is located on the -1 floor of the ex-ISEF Building. As you take the stairs, it is on the right side. If you take the elevator, it is on the left side.

How can I borrow a book?
First, search the Library catalog for the book and locate the book’s call #. Second, find the book on the shelf with the call #. At the self-checkout module in the library, follow the instructions for LOAN using your badge and the book.  If it was a successful transaction, the module will give you a receipt with the due date. If it was not a successful transaction, try again or fill out the loan form found near the module and give it to the Librarian.

How many books can I borrow?
You can borrow as many books as you want.

How long can I keep borrowed books?
The loan period is one month for borrowed books. Please note that we expect Library users to return borrowed items when not in use, in case they are needed by somebody else. The Librarian must have access to borrowed library items at any time.

Can I borrow journals?
Journals cannot be borrowed. But, you may take the journal(s) out of the library to make copies of the interested article(s) and return the journal(s) to the library immediately. The copier is located on the Ground floor of the ex-ISEF Building near the Students’ Open Space.

How can I return a book?
You can return a book by using the self-checkin module in the library. Follow the instructions for RETURN on the module. You do not need your badge for this. You will receive a receipt, if the transaction was  successful. Please don’t forget to return all library items when you are leaving GSSI for any length of time. This way, the book(s) can be available for others.

Can I take borrowed items with me on my travels?
No. If you do, please be ready to mail them back to the Library, when it is requested.

Should I reshelve a book?
No. Please do not reshelve a book you have taken from the shelf or you are returning after a loan. Leave it on the table or place it on the counter near the self-checkout/checkin module. There is a sign on the wall showing you where to put books that need to be reshelved.

How can I renew a book?
You can renew a book by sending an email to Books can be renewed as long as there isn’t someone else who is waiting for it.

What if I cannot find the book on the shelf?
Most probably, the book is either borrowed by someone else, misshelved or missing.  You can place a hold on the book by going to the Library catalog, search for the book and click on Prenota, which will appear next to the title after you click on Vedi la copia.  Prenota will only work if you have created an account on Librami and you have notified the Librarian of this account.  Another option would be to send an email to with information of the missing book.  The Librarian will then locate the book for you.

What does it mean to Prenota / Reserve / Hold
When a book is not found on the shelf and the Library has it, Prenota/Reserve/Hold will ensure locating the book for you and putting you next in line for a loan.

What classification system does the GSSI Library use?
First, the books are placed in 4 areas : Mathematics, Astroparticle Physics, Social Sciences and Computer Science. In addition to this subject classification, the Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System. To find the book, you will need to know the subject area and the Dewey Decimal number from the Library catalog.

How do I search for books?
The Library catalog can be found on the Library webpage. You can perform a simple search by putting in keywords of the title and/or the author’s last name or you can do an advanced search. The search will give you a list of titles with those keywords. When you have found the title you are interested in, click on it and it will take you to another page. On this page, when you scroll down, you will see a box with the words Vedi la copia. Click on it and the title will reappear again in the box. Click on the title and it will take you to another page.  This is the important page, which provides the bibliographic information of the book and the location of the book on the shelf. Here, you will find the call # to locate the book on the shelf and the status, if it is available or not. An example of a call # is US 338.09. This book can be found in the Social Sciences area of the Library and it will be on the shelf at 338.09. The US 338.09 will be found on the label on the spine of the book.

How do you find the books on the shelf?
The numbers to the left of the decimal point are read numerically (left to right), and are filed by ascending order:
560, 561, 562, 563, 567

the numbers after the decimal point are filed digit by digit from the left to the right so that numbers such as 623.8433 will come after 623.843 but before 623.844. Other examples are:


How do I search for articles?
For articles, please see the Librarian for credentials or send an email to for assistance.

I need an article or a book chapter, but the Library does not have the journal or the book. Can the Librarian obtain the article/chapter for me?
Yes. Please send the Librarian ( all the citation information you have and the Librarian will obtain it for you from another Library.

What if the Library does not have a book I need?
If you need a book not found in the library, please send the Librarian ( all the necessary bibliographic or citation information. The Librarian will locate the book and obtain it for you from another Library.

Is there a computer in the library I can use to search for books?
No, there is no computer in the library.  You will have to use your own computer to search the Library Catalog.

Where is the copier, if I need to make copies of a book chapter or a journal article?
The copier is on the Ground floor near the students’ common area/open area. Feel free to take the book or journal out of the Library to make copies, but they need to be returned to the Library immediately (unless you have completed the self-checkout of the book).

How can I make a suggestion or a comment?
To make suggestions, comments or have questions, please send an email to