Aurelio F. Grillo Library


As of today the Library’s Support System has been implemented to help you with questions regarding the library and the Institutional Archive.

Some simple information on the type of request that you can make can be found at the Support System webpage.

The following ticketing can be chosen:

  • Library – Reference: general information on the Library, books and Electronic Resources or other
  • Library – Loans (DD, ILL): formal request for Inter Library Loans (book loan from other libraries) or for Document Delivery (requests for articles not found on our resources) and informations about Library loans
  • Library – Institutional Archive: Information on our Institutional Repository
  • Library – Book purchase request: formal request for book purchases

From now on, for any issue regarding the Library or the Institutional Archive, please refer to this Support System, available at: GSSI Support

Be advised that a registration is required for the follow up of your ticket.


Please check the new Library webpage Tutorial Videos, in which you can find some useful information about the Institutional Archive IRIS-GSSI.