Aurelio F. Grillo Library

Books (Internal users only)

Borrowing Books

Access to book loans is reserved only to GSSI Students, Postdocs, Researchers, Faculty and Staff.  You will need a GSSI badge activated for the Library to use the self-checkout module in the Library. If your badge does not work on the self-checkout module, the first time, please see the Library staff. If problems occur after a successful first time, then please fill out the Loan form provided near the self-checkout module to borrow book(s) and give the form to the Library staff (after hours, please give the form to the Receptionist).

At the self-checkout module in the Library, follow the instructions for Loan. You will need your badge and the book(s). Once completed, a receipt can be printed with the list of books on loan and their due dates.

The usual loan period is one month. The Library staff reserves the right to request the book to be returned before that time, if needed.

Renewing Books

Books can be renewed by contacting the Library Support System or sending an email at As long as no one else is waiting for it, books can be renewed.

Returning Books

Books can be returned at the self-checkin module in the Library. You do not need your badge, just the book(s) you are returning. Follow the instructions for Return. At the end of the self-checkin, a receipt can be printed of the book(s) you returned. Please do not reshelve books, place them on the shelving unit near the module. You will also find a sign on the wall to show you where to put the book(s).

Reserving Books

If you want a book that the Library already has and it is not on the shelf, you can reserve the book by contacting the Library Support System.

Creating a Librami Account

It is advised to create a Librami account at With an account, you can see your loan situation: current loans  and their due dates, any book reservations you might have made and a history of all the books you took out on loan.


Library Use Policy

  • Please do not take any books out of the Library without proper self-checkout at the Loan module
  • Please do not reshelve books. Please place it on the table or on the shelving unit near the Loan/Return module
  • Please do not make signs or write on books.
  • Please be considerate of others in the Library. Please keep the noise level down if others are present.
  • Please check the calendar on the News section of the Library webpage or on the Bulletin Board outside the Library or the sign on the Library door to find out when the Library is unavailable due to a meeting.
  • If you need any assistance or to report any problems, please see the Library staff (Office: Ground floor ex-ISEF Bldg, Email:


Reference Assistance

The Library staff is available for assistance, requests, bibliographic searches and suggestions. Please contact the Library Support System.

You can also contact the Library Staff:

Library Staff: Matilda M. Clarkson

Office: Ground floor ex-ISEF Bldg.


Tel.: +39 0862 4280 259, +39 335 65653033


Document Delivery Service (DD) (Internal users only

The Library provides Document Delivery Service for Journal articles or Book chapters not found in the GSSI Library, in accordance with current copyright laws. The requested article is only for personal use and purposes of study or research.

Please fill in and sign the following DD request form and mail it to the Library Support System. In alternative you can just mail the citation or the link of the needed document.


InterLibrary Loan (ILL) (Internal users only)

The Library can make requests for books from other libraries through the InterLibrary Loan. Please fill in and sign the following ILL request form mail it through the Library Support System.

The loan period is dictated by the lending library. If the book is unavailable via ILL, the Library staff can locate the book for you and provide information on how to access it in other nearby libraries.


Acquisitions of Books and Other Materials (Internal users only)

If you have any book purchase recommendations, please send it to the Library Support System and it will be evaluated.


For Other Libraries / Per altre biblioteche

Requests can be sent to / Le richieste possono essere inviate a